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Beginner's Program


We all have to start somewhere!

People with an interest to take up the game need to get the right start, get the right guidance and begin their journey with the game on a positive note.  We take 10-hours to complete the syllabus.

Our Beginner's Program not only covers all the needed fundamentals of the game but it does so in a fun and non threatening environment.  This provides the most rewarding learning platform.


The Program Outline

  1. Introduction to the Game - fundamentals of set up and some basic swing motion concepts.
  2. More swing development.  Coach may use 2D video analysis to assist in delivering the right messages.
  3. Check on swing development (quick check), then Putting basics
  4. Check on swing, then Chipping basics, both technique and application arround the green.


Are you practicing enough?

5. Pitching techniques, judging distance with partial swings.

6. Tee shots using a driver, and a look at some golf etiquette pointers.

7. Sand Bunker techniques, as well as a look at some common Rules of Golf.

8. A Review of the course/program.  How to manage your game - a look at the golf course and what you need to do to play it.

9. On-Course lesson (2hrs)

Intermediate Programs


Who qualifies?

Anyone who has passed the Beginner's Program is eligible to take up our Intermediate Programs.  Whilst we do have an array of programs for you to choose from, typically intermediate programs are tailored to the individuals.

Equated to scores, we are looking at golfers who shoot anything from around the double par mark, so about 140 for 18 holes, down to an 18-handicap, so about 90 for 18 holes.  That is a large chunk of the golfing population. 


Refresher Program - 3 hrs

We all experience times where we just need a bit of a reminder, a touch up if you will, of our game.  If that is where you are at then this course is for you.  We will cover the most-needy parts of your game to get you back on track. 

You will be recharged and on your way in no time flat.  


Quick Fix Program - 5 hrs

This would be our most popular program delivered to intermediate golfers.  It’s much like the Refresher Program but we would cover most aspects of the game briefly to get your game back on track.  To truly be effective though, students have to be committed in following up on the advice they have received in their lessons otherwise the information is at risk of being forgotten.  We do not dwell on any one  aspect of your game, this program is more like a quick review of all aspects of your game.


Long Game Program - 5 hrs

It is not the only aspect wrong with your game but it might be the most frustrating and you just want it fixed.  Have your full swing assessed by our qualified golf professionals and see through the process of repair.  

There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of having your ball under control and this part of your game in order.


Short Game Program - 5 hrs

Arguably the most influential aspect to anyone's game on their scores, the short game encompasses all partial swings, from chipping to pitching, sand bunker play to recovery from bad lies around the green.  This could be the smartest program you have ever taken...well, your scorecard will certainly think so!


The Works Program - 10 hrs

Not only do we cover the repair of your game in all it's aspects, but we get out on the golf course, potentially twice, for a more realistic look at your game as it is played.  We all know sometimes the Range can be too clinical, it is good to have your game assessed from your actual on course performances.  The variables that cannot be duplicated at the Range, the real issues in your game, given careful consideration from your pro.

Corporate Golf Programs

Golf Appreciation Days


3 hr programs

Great bonding, great introduction to the game!

Corporate Golf Lessons


Sign up for some great deals with your colleagues.  We've got it all, from your new golfer to your seasoned golfer wanting to fine tune their game.

Company Retreats


What better idea than to arrange a company retreat and play with a golf professional from PBGA...the best!

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