Level System


Our Junior Program in Singapore epitomizes what our Golf Academy is all about.  It is the product of 20 years of evolution and is still getting better. Phil Brew Golf Academy in Singapore is the leader in junior golf development.

LEVEL SYSTEM There is a progression pathway up through the Junior Program which we have denoted by levels whereby students can progress at their own pace.  From Level 1 which is at entry level into the game all the way up to our highest level, Level 10 our Star Level, which covers the elite athlete selected in the National Elite Squad.  


Level 1


  •  New juniors to the game 
  • The first 10 lessons covering the basic points of the Beginners Program 
  • Clubs can be supplied by the Academy  

Level 2


  • Refresh the points covered in Level 1 but with more focus on corrections and developing more skills to cope with golf course situations
  • Younger students will spend more time in this level than older juniors
  • Play on Executive Golf Courses  

Level 3


  • Independent on the golf course, can make own decisions 
  • Final preparations before PC Test 
  • Students typically spend only a short time in this level  

Level 4


  • Passed PC to play on Main Golf Courses 
  • More on-course lessons 
  • More on-course games 
  • Working on scoring skills, short game and putting needs to be strong 

Level 5


  • Obtained first handicap 
  • An even higher number of on-course games both supervised in lessons and without coaches supervision 
  • Working to lower scores on the course, lower the handicap  


Level 6


  • To qualify for Level 6, you must lower your handicap according to the table above. 
  • At this level, more focus is on handling competitions, strategic study of the tournament courses, fitness and mental strengthening and the like.  

Level 7


Selection into either our Club Squads or for non-Club members, our Talent Squad Program.

  • High performance coaches
  • Fitness program specific for golfers 
  • Psychology segment to the program 
  • Competition preparations  

Level 8


 Once your handicap drops to low enough levels, SGA will be scouting for players to join their National Ranking Games (NRG). There are 4 NRG’s held per year and it is by invitation only that you can enter these events.  Therefore, by reaching this milestone warrants a new level. This is how you get yourself on the radar. 

Level 9


  From the NRG’s, SGA then select their National Development Squad (DS).  This is at the discretion of the selection committee within SGA but marks an incredible milestone as a player.  SGA conduct specialised training for those in the squad.  

Level 10 !!!


  Reach this stage and you are a star, like a one star General in the army, this level denotes your selection into the Elite Squad, from which players are selected to represent their beloved country, Singapore! What an honour!  


Education & Golf


As an Academy, we have been involved in providing our golf programs to schools since 2006. Through that time, we have seen some schools come and go but through it all, the game has always been exposed to the youth, our future. Here is a list of schools past and present that the Academy have been engaged by to deliver these programs to: 

  • · Tanjong Katong Primary (2006) 
  • · ACS Barker Secondary (2006-2010) 
  • · Naval Base Primary (2007-2009) 
  • · ACS Junior (2009-2013) 
  • · Ngee Ann Secondary (2010-2015) 
  • · UWC Dover (2012-2015) · Raffles Institution (2012-2015) 
  • · Australian International School (2013-CURRENT) 
  • · UWC East (2013-CURRENT)    
  • · Methodist Girls School (2013-2015) 
  • · Singapore American School (2015) 
  • · Raffles Girls School (2015) 
  • · Singapore Sports School (2016-2017) 
  • · Edgefield Secondary School (2016)   

With our vibrant team of professionals, some with recent, fresh experiences playing professional tournaments and others fresh off the National Coaching position, some of our country’s top schools have sought us out to help their better players.   Singapore Sports School We were honoured to be service providers for 2016 and 2017 with Singapore Sports School with Brad McManus as Head Coach and Phil Brew as his Assistant Coach.


Fun Learning Experience

Our Junior Camps are more famous than Amos himself. A combination of creativity and a flair for delivering fun activities in golf, makes these camps a must for any young golf enthusiast. 

  • We target the June and December school holidays as camp dates. 
  • 2-day camps for lower levels and 3-day camps for the higher levels. 
  • Always involves more on-course play and each camp will have its own unique camp theme.    


  • We provide one coach and one assistant per 6-8 students.
  • Everything included, all fees covered, range balls, green fees, lunches, refreshments throughout, prizes, trophies, camp materials.


Check with our Academy Office for updates.




· Born June 2002 

· Been with the academy since he started the game, as a 7 year old 

· Member of NSRCC 

· Latest Handicap Index 0.6 

· Level 9 in our Junior Program 

· Coached by Phil Brew 

· National Schools Champion (Div C) 2016 

· Winner of HSBC Youth Challenge

- Jun 2016 (Sembawang)

- Dec 2016 (SICC)

- Mar 2017 (Kranji)    

Brandon’s love for the game has grown, especially over the past year or so. His own progress has accelerated since experiencing a growth spurt.  He has always demonstrated athleticism in his golf swing and has been aggressive by nature with regards to his course management, so it has really only been recently where his high skill level mixed with his aggressive nature, that he has managed to see some impressive results. We are all proud of Brandon and he is just enjoying the process at the moment.  He has a super supportive family, is very close to his father, HJ Han, who has managed to balance his role as father and support coach very well.  He knows when to take a step back and let the coach work with his son which is important, but he is always there as moral support for his boy.  Do note, Brandon also loves football (soccer) and has already played representative soccer against other countries.  Playing other sports at his age is much healthier than to specialize too early on one sport. The formula is effective.  Brandon can focus on striving for bigger and better things with his game.  Go for it Brandon!  Believe in yourself and great things are possible.    

SINCE FIRST WRITING THIS ARTICLE Brandon has had a tremendous 2016.  As mentioned previously, his year started off with a bang at the National Inter-School Golf Championship, taking out his age division with his first “major” victory.  Then he backed it up with a victory at the HSBC Youth Challenge in June. However, it did not stop there. Towards the end of the year, arguably Brandon’s finest achievement to date, he achieved a wire to wire victory at the prestigious DBS SICC Invitational beating the best in the region with rounds of 72-72-73.  It was Brandon’s first Overall Champion and an achievement that catapulted him into the World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR). As if that wasn’t sweet enough, Brandon just had to back that effort up with another victory the week after at the very same hunting ground at SICC in the HSBC Youth Challenge. What a year!  Here we have a young man with stars twinkling in his eyes who has a taste of victory and likes it….he likes it a lot.  

Academy Policies


Junior Program Policies

  • Uniforms need to be worn during scheduled lesson trainings.  
  • If in the event your coach is on leave or on medical leave, the Academy will allocate a relief coach to conduct your lesson. If one is not available, we will inform the class. 
  • Modules will coincide with school terms/semesters. Holiday classes will still be available if you wish to continue through the holidays but please liaise with our Academy Office to make these necessary arrangements. 
  • We offer a competitive route as well as a recreational route once students reach PC level. One of the differences will be that the competitive route will have longer training times/durations.  
  • The Academy will provide opportunities for on-course training, more so on weekdays but not excluding weekends neither. Holidays maybe another opportunity to arrange for on-course training. Please contact the office for these arrangements. 
  • School holidays will also have available Junior Golf Camps. Typically we will organise camps for varying levels from our Junior Program.  

Administrative Policies

  • Lesson fees need to be settled before the commencement of the lesson program.  
  • Range balls and green fees are not included in the lesson fees. 
  • The Academy does not entertain refunds. We can however transfer your balance lessons to another student.   

Cancellation Policies

To ensure the various programs can meet their objectives, consistent attendance is required. If in the event you cannot attend a scheduled training session, please inform the Academy office as early as you possibly can. 

  • More than 48 hours notice of absence, the Academy will offer you “make-up” classes. You have that school term and the next school holiday to fulfil the make-up class, beyond which, if not fulfilled, the lesson will be forfeited. 
  • Less than 48 hours notice of absence but before the lesson commences, 50% of the lesson will be forfeited. Adjustments will be made on the next payment cycle. 
  • No show, 100% of the lesson will be forfeited. 
  • Provide a copy of the MC within 7 days—no penalty.