The PBGA Philosophy

Why do we do this?

We all have our reasons why we get into the game, and they can be quite varied.  Whilst that does interest me, what brings people to golf, it is not nearly as important as to keep them in the game.  The game itself will eventually do that to you but there is that vulnerable stage early in the life of a golfer where they can very easily give up, say "this is too hard, I am not having fun anymore" and just stop.  As a lover of the game, and a coach of the game, I find that totally unacceptable and if I can possibly do anything about it, I will.  For the love of the game!

We are all different, we all have different character traits, we all have different bodies and our bodies are constantly changing too.  One does not have to be a scholar in the game to see that there are different ways to play, to get the job done, to get that little white ball into the hole, so many.  So many different body types, different shapes and sizes all able to play very good golf.  So why would anyone in their right mind ever try to teach the game one way.  As I see my role as a coach of golf, I must consider many factors.  Some of those factors are within my control and some are not.

The key is to keep it simple.  Behind the scenes to keeping it simple is a far more complex process than you would care to imagine but ultimately, no matter what detail one throws at the game at whatever level, be it physical, mental or technical intervention, the player must be able to relate to the advice at some feeling level.  That's the challenge, to come up with simple solutions to complex problems.

If the process to learn golf is not fun then why do we do it?  Quick answer, we shouldn't do it, I wouldn't expect to do something by choice if I didn't enjoy the process.  So everyone out there, get into the process of becoming a better golfer, have fun with it, because that's where the true joy is - you will be hooked for life!

Why us? Why PBGA?

We have a proven track record, with operations in Singapore as a Golf Academy since 2007, we have helped thousands of golfers over the years play the game and play the game better than even they could imagine.

Going the extra mile to help people is our MO.  We love seeing happy golfers, simple as that!

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