Service Providers

Sports Psychology


Dr Jay-Lee Nair

Mental Notes Consulting

My focus is to provide psychological support to youth and adult individuals looking to raise their standard of performance and thrive under pressure with less stress and anxiety.

Skilled in the design and delivery of sport psychology support services to sport organisations in the form of group based mental skills training and individual consultations for athletes and coaches primarily in Swimming, Golf, and Gymnastics.

As a former USA NCAA Div-I, collegiate golf player with Academic All-American honours, I know what it takes to balance studies and sport at the elite level.

High Performance


Ryan Lumsden, Biomechanist 

Golf Australia / Q-Golf

Co-ordinated by director Ryan Lumsden, Q Golf is a dedicated group of highly experienced service providers delivering biomechanical analysis and integrated sports science support programs to address all aspects of golf performance.
In ‘Quantifying Your Game’ every facet of your golf is assessed such that informed decisions can then be made to establish priorities and the right pathway to improvement. Programs are developed on an individual level and communicated in ways so that the player can understand what the information means, how it applies to his/her performance and how the program will assist improvement.

Sports Physiotherapy


Poon Kok Hoong

The Asian Golf Fitness Institute

Poon acquired extensive knowledge in the treatment of golf related injuries from his experience in an exchange attachment with the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic, learning from the world renowned physiotherapist, Ramsay McMaster. He further honed his clinical skills in the management of sports and spinal injuries during his career at the Singapore General Hospital. Poon is an experienced senior physiotherapist who can be trusted to deliver highly professional treatment.  

He constantly upgrades his skills through attending various training courses locally and overseas to update himself with the latest advances in the field of Physiotherapy.

Emerge Performance


Lim Han Ee is the founder and principal consultant for Emerge Performance (EP). Han Ee works with his clients to nurture both flow experiences and a championship mindset that enhance bottom-line results. He believes that peak performance, or being in the flow, is underpinned by mindfulness, an action-learning mindset, and mental agility. 

 Han Ee has a Masters in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, USA and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada. He is also a credentialed professional coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Han Ee has also served in the Singapore Navy as a Naval Combat Officer for close to 15 years.

Golf BioDynamics


Dr. Robert Neal, CEO, established Golf BioDynamics in 2000 with the intension of providing the best possible biomechanics service available to golfers and teaching professionals alike. A unique skill set has made this a reality. 

Today the GBD philosophy towards performance enhancement has not changed, we are proponents of an integrated approach to supporting 'The Golf Athlete' (see also, that is, we combine a scientific approach with the practical skills necessary to bring about technical change, all of which is performed in conjunction with the teaching professional and the athletes own support network.

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