HJ Han, father of student, Brandon Han, coached by Phil


“Phil, it has been quite a journey since our carpark encounter 7 years ago. 2016 marked a significant milestone for Brandon. You have been instrumental in developing his swing, his technique and most importantly, nurturing his passion for the game. I am sure he will continue to aim high and dream big. A big thank you to you, coach!”  

Yash Majmudar, student of Coach Brad McManus


“Brad helped me significantly throughout my junior golf days, and continues to be of great help while I spend time away in the States. Due to his personality, I got along very well with him during the 4 years that I worked with him. His easy going attitude, combined with the seriousness needed in order to improve, is a perfect combination for anybody. Brad has a very solid method of teaching and will find a way to help his students with whatever they need.” 

Junior Golf Camps - Mabel Aw, mother of Luke & John Low


“Hi Jo & Phil, you guys did it again! Two awesome camps in a week! My boys enjoyed themselves very much. A wonderful learning experience for them, especially for Luke. They are already talking about the next camp. You guys just “upped” the game. A big thank you to all the coaches and youth helpers and admin staff.” 

Sharon Phey, mother of Colin & Sheryln Chow, students of Phil


“We should thank you Phil, for the guidance and support you have given Colin, especially with his new 60’ wedge, it has given him a lot of confidence. My husband and I are so glad both of our kids are in your good hands.”    

Thomas Ong, student of Coach Geoff Smith


“I’ve been a golfer since 1990 and been coached by quite a few golf pros. Geoff Smith is by far the best, in a class of his own. Geoff’s very simple, easy to understand and advanced coaching techniques helped me improve my golf swing tremendously after only 5 lessons since March of this year. Having stopped golf for almost 10 years, I believe I am now a confident 15 handicapper once again.”    

Steven Tan, father of Gwen, coached by Phil Brew


“After 2 month’s with Phil Brew, look at my daughter’s impact position! The screen on the left was taken when she first started with Phil and the screen on the right is her swing and impact position now. Well done Mei Mei, well done Phil! With the old swing Mei Mei is averaging 185m off the tee, now with her new swing, I can’t wait to see how far she hits it”.    

Steven Reeves, student of Coach Brad McManus


“Brad has been coaching me now for about 2.5 years and it’s been quite a journey. He’s taught me well and brought my handicap from 19 down to 2 in that time. Brad is genuinely one of the best coaches out there, very comedic at times as well as being a good friend.”

Calynn Yip, mother of Megan Yip, student of Geoff Smith


“Geoff is a wonderful coach who is always patient and detailed. He takes time after each lesson to explain and update us on her progress. My kid has shown tremendous improvement under his guidance.”  

Beth Carr, Birthday Gift Voucher for her father


"I have never had such attentive, tailored and genuine service as I have experienced with Phil, and to be frank I didn't think this level of service existed!!"

Satisfied Customer - we take pride in going the extra mile


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Testimonial of the Year

Beth Carr, daughter of Chris Carr

Purchased a Birthday Gift Voucher for her father

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